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New Year’s Pie Cutting Event

Welcome 2024 by hosting your business’s New Year’s Pie Cutting event, as well as any other festive event you have planned.

La fourchette undertakes the organization of the New Year’s pie cutting for companies, shops, organizations and clubs. Entrust us with the organization of your corporate event and enjoy a unique taste journey with the signature of our professional services.


La Fourchette Catering offers you 3 +1 key points to focus on to turn a simple corporate event – pie cutting into the best corporate party of the year.


Step 1 – Find the right space

The place where the corporate New Year’s pie cutting event will take place is related to the number of guests. If your business has a space within its facilities large enough to host a party, all it needs is the right decoration and the right lighting to transform it into a place of entertainment. But if your guests are many or your space is small for such events, then you should choose a function room to host your party. So depending on your area and the number of your guests, we can help you choose the right venue.


Step 2 – Drink and Food

The fun starts with a nice welcome drink, continues at the buffet full of fine dishes and ends at the bar with great cocktails. La Fourchette catering will take care of all the details so that you can enjoy your food and drink and have fun with your colleagues. Our experienced staff will help you choose a menu that suits your taste preferences and suits the style of the event.


Step 3 – Music

A party without music is impossible! Live music or Dj, you choose the genre and they undertake to entertain you with the best options! Consult an expert and entrust your entertainment to professionals to be sure that your event will be unforgettable for your guests.


Step 4 – The King Pie

Pie is the reason for the first corporate party of the year. Round or square, with or without chocolate coating, cake or bun, the king pie can be made in a way that suits the style of your business. Don’t forget the gift for the lucky winner!!!

Trust La Fourchette Catering for the King Pie Cutting event and for any corporate event or reception you have planned.

Have fun!!!

Frequent questions
What is the minimum number of people for a corporate King Pie Cutting event?

There is no limit to the number of people we can serve.

Do you cater for corporate events outside of Attica?

And of course we can also serve outside of Attica, we have already covered many events in our province as well as on many islands of our country.

How long before the corporate event should the booking be made?

The reservation should be made as soon as possible so that we can organize a perfect event.

Can I know your Catering prices so I can have an idea?

Every event is different (number of people, type of menu buffet – served, finger foodlight< /em> lunch – full menu etc).

Contact us to send you an offer that meets your needs.

Contact us for your own event